The House on the Cliff US edition

January 29, 2014

charlotte-williams-the-house-on-the-cliffThe US edition of my novel has been published by HarperCollins. It’s had a good reception there.  Here’s a review: ‘ This solid domestic suspense debut, nicely seasoned with gothic elements, should please Gone Girl fans and those who crave a real page-turner. Williams’s 40-something psychotherapist makes a particularly vulnerable protagonist. While Jessica might be the worst therapist ever at keeping her personal agenda out of the session, readers will admire how Williams has created such believable characters and how she weaves effectively psychological theories throughout.’ (Library Journal).

Actually, I had to alter the narrative of the book slightly to meet the demands of the American market. The American term for crime novel or thriller, as far as I can gather, is ‘mystery’. And the American reader likes a mystery to be a proper mystery i.e. the reveal must come out of the blue. So for this edition, I had to make the ending more of a complete surprise, and add a few more red herrings. Possibly an improvement, possibly not, depending on how mysterious you like your mysteries to be.


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