On the road

March 10, 2013

2013-03-09 14.06.05
Yesterday I went down to Three Cliffs Bay in the Gower, one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen ever, anywhere. There are three pointed cliffs that rise up on the headland, and there’s a ‘door’ through to the sea, casting a triangular reflection in the water below it. The sand is pale and fine, and the waves white and foamy. Really magical. You have to walk about a mile to get there, past a ruined castle on top of a hill, so it seems very remote once you do.

Aside from beachwalking, I did a short tour of bookshops in the area to promote my new book. As everyone knows, it’s a very challenging time for all bookshops at the moment, especially independent ones. I hadn’t realised just how much hard work goes into getting our books on the shelves for the public to buy – booksellers, reps, and others. These are people who are passionate about books, and prepared to do everything they can to keep our bookshops on the high street. On the way down to Cover to Cover bookshop in Mumbles, where I did an event with the crime writer M. R. Hall, we passed the huge Amazon warehouse in Swansea. The sheer size of it, in comparison to the small bookshop, told its own story. I completely understand why people buy online, but it would be tragic if we let our high street bookshops disappear completely.

Speaking of which, here’s a photo my good friend Anthony Reynolds took of my book on display in Waterstones with the shop’s review beside it. Much appreciated.

waterstones review


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