The House on the Cliff

January 20, 2013

 2013-01-20 15.18.41

Copies of my new novel arrived this week in a big box. I felt very pleased and proud. The hardback seemed much more substantial than I’d imagined, or perhaps it was just the sensation of actually holding the finished book  in my hand, after so many months of writing, rewriting, editing, discussions, and so on.  Anyway, I felt a real sense of achievement, all the more valuable  because I’m right  in the middle of writing the next one, Mirror Twin.

2013-01-17 18.07.10

I’ve decided give some time to painting and drawing, so my friend Carol and I are meeting up once a week for a couple of hours to have a go.  We’ve done two sessions so far, and enjoyed them.  We both did ‘A’ level art about a million years ago, but Carol went on to art college, and continued to sketch a lot, so she’s now a very good draughtswoman. We’re doing some still life drawings at the moment, with a bit of watercolour thrown in.  She’s been helping me get my objects to sit properly; they seem to float about – or even fly around –  in space, whereas hers are nicely grounded. So far, we’ve been meeting at my house in the late afternoon, and one of the pleasures has been noticing the light fading a little more slowly each time. The other has been thinking of seasonal arrangements, such as these.


2 Responses to “The House on the Cliff”

  1. Congrats on the book. I am very jealous of your still life sessions by the way. If you’re looking for some seasonal arrangements we have some extremely sculptural-looking mounds of cat poo on the snow in our back garden? PS Looking forward to seeing some drawings next time. xx

    • author said

      Thanks, Sian. Sorry not to reply before, am still getting to grips with this technology. Sounds like the seasonal arrangement may have melted by now, but I’ll bear it in mind! x C

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