Water, water everywhere

December 30, 2012

2012-12-30 16.03.24


I’ve spent the time between Christmas and New Year visiting family and friends, sitting by the fire, eating too much, and having a lie-in in the mornings (very enjoyable).  Today I went to a family lunch at my parents’ place, and took a picture of this painting I did in my teens, which they still have hanging in their kitchen. You can see the reflection of the trees outside the house in the glass.  Where they live, by the Thames in Wiltshire, is currently surrounded by water. Thankfully they haven’t yet been flooded.


2012-12-29 16.12.49

Yesterday, I went for a walk to the barrage at Cardiff Bay, which I thought would make a great location for a future novel in my crime series- the road becomes a bridge that is raised for shipping coming into the harbour from the sea. A terrifying chase, getting trapped as the bridge goes up in the air, would make a great set piece.  Watch this space. On the Penarth side of the barrage is a lovely old hotel which has sadly been left to rot, while any number of dull modern houses have been built round the marina nearby. I’m told there are plans to revamp the hotel but if they leave it any longer it’ll fall down.



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